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Gum Disease: An Overview (Part 2)

According to the Spanish Society of Periodontics and Osseointegration, gingivitis and periodontitis are two of the most common gum diseases with a prevalence of 59.8 percent and 25.4 percent, respectively, in adults between 35 y 44 years old. For patients between 65 and 74 years, the prevalence rises up to 51.6 percent and 38 percent. 

The second part of this two-part article, explores the common gum diseases that affect dental implants, Peri-implant Mucositis and Peri-implantitis. In this piece we share with our readers the causes, the effects and the available treatments.

Just like in natural teeth, gum disease can equally affect dental implants. The mucus that surrounds the implant can also be affected by the oral biofilm that causes gum disease to the peri-implantar tissue. In fact, this tissue is less resistant to biofilm than actual periodontal tissue.

  • Peri-implant Mucositis

    This is an inflammation of the mucus and the soft tissue that surrounds an implant, without presenting any signs of loss of the supporting bone. Much like gingivitis, this condition is treatable and reversible, but good hygiene and regular visits to your dentist.

  • Peri-implantitis

    When peri-implant mucositis progresses it turns into peri-implantitis, which not only affects the soft tissue and the mucus but it has a direct internal impact that leads to bone loss.

    In this case, it is of crucial importance to seek professional help from a periodontal diseases specialist who can guide you through a treatment programme that stops the disease from spreading or worsening.

Although the causes for these diseases may vary, in general terms these two conditions are a parallel of gingivitis and periodontitis for dental implants. Henceforth, good hygiene will always be a key factor in the prevention, treatment and recovery from these conditions. Additionally, educating yourself about the risks and receiving a professional evaluation and follow up treatment or prevention strategies are the best way to keep your oral health in top notch condition.

Through the years diagnosis has become easier and more accurate so keeping your oral health in check should be an achievable goal for most people. Further, with such easy access to information and resources, prevention is within reach for those who are willing to make lifestyle changes that can improve their condition.

Here at Stamford Periodontics, we are pleased to provide the highest quality of periodontal treatment to Fairfield County through our expert gum disease dentist in Fairfield County, CT, and also Greenwich, New Canaan, Darien, Westport, Fairfield, Norwalk, Wilton, and Ridgefield. Make your appointment today at 203.252.2252.

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