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Reasons why Laser Dentistry is the Best Remedy for Cavities

laser dentistry in Stamford, CT

Shots, drills, and swollen gums are all at the top of the list of uncomfortable symptoms that people get when fixing cavities at the dentist. It’s typically not the most pleasant experience to get a cavity, and fixing it can be even more unpleasant. Keeping your mouth healthy by consistently brushing, flossing, and using mouthwash is a great way to avoid cavities, but for some people, it’s not enough. That’s when cavities come into play.

Fortunately, there is a new type of dental technology available today that can help patients avoid all of these uncomfortable symptoms while getting their cavities fixed. It’s called laser dentistry and involves using an invisible light beam to fix cavities precisely without removing as much natural tooth material as a drill would. If you are looking for the premier laser dentistry in Stamford, CT specialists, look no further than Periodontics & Implant Dentistry Center, LLC. We created a list below detailing why laser dentistry is the best option for fixing cavities in today’s dental world.

  1. No Vibration, No Pain

The great thing about receiving treatment for cavities using laser dentistry is that it doesn’t require the more intense vibrating sensations that drills force patients to go through. Dentist drills are physically vibrating away decayed tooth material, which can lead to patients experiencing pain and swelling after the procedure. The gum line and tooth material surrounding gums are very sensitive and susceptible to injury. With a laser, dentists target the problem areas, and it allows the patient to experience a much more comfortable procedure.

  1. Easier Psychologically for Patients

Getting cavities filled and dental procedures done can sometimes be intimidating for patients, especially children. The idea of putting a huge drill in your mouth can be scary. Another benefit of using laser dentistry for cavities is that it’s not as psychologically alarming for patients. It’s a simple device that can make things easier for patients and reduce their anxiety about going to the dentist. For the best laser dentistry in Stamford, CT, give Periodontics & Implant Dentistry Center, LLC a call!

  1. Anesthesia Free

Fixing cavities with laser dentistry is great because of the reasons mentioned above, as well as the fact that it does not require anesthesia to help with the pain. Anesthesia can make patients feel woozy and sedated for hours after the procedure. Skip this step altogether by treating cavities with laser dentistry in Stamford, CT.

Laser dentistry is the future of dental care. Treating cavities with a laser is a great option for those looking to skip the downsides involved with drilling and can help ease any anxiety related tensions for patients. Periodontics & Implant Dentistry Center, LLC’s lasers can also be used to treat gum disease and gum recession for those located in the Fairfield County, CT area.

Here at Stamford Periodontics, we are pleased to provide the highest quality of periodontal treatment to Fairfield County through our expert laser dentistry in Stamford, CT, and all Fairfield County. Make your appointment today at 203.252.2252.

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