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What to Do if You Think You Have Receding Gums?

gum recession in Fairfield County, CT

If you recently noticed that your gums are receding, you are not alone. Gum recession affects tons of different people throughout the world. It’s a dental health issue that can slowly become a big problem if you don’t take it seriously. Receding gums occur when the gum tissue that is surrounding each one of your teeth recedes back and slowly wears away. This is a problem because it leaves the roots of your teeth exposed to more decay. Taking gum recession in Fairfield County, CT seriously is absolutely vital. That’s why we’ve prepared a list of things to do if you think you have receding gums.

  1. Reach out to a Periodontist

One of the first things you should do if you think your gums are receding is to reach out to a periodontist in Fairfield County, CT. A periodontist will be able to diagnose the situation and provide you with professional advice about the best course of action. It’s best not to leave things unclear, so contact the periodontist in Fairfield County, CT today if you are worried about gum recession and how it might affect your dental health.

  1. Review Your Dental Care Routine

A big cause of gum recession in Fairfield County, CT has to do with dental care routines. If you aren’t regularly flossing and brushing your teeth, the chances are good that your gums will recede over time. It’s absolutely crucial to maintain a proper dental health care routine and focus on flossing daily to avoid the more serious issues associated with gum recession.

  1. Stop Smoking

If you are regular smoker, you need to understand the impact that this activity has on your dental health. Smoking can accelerate the recession of your gums and lead to other serious dental health issues if you aren’t careful. It’s best to stop smoking if you notice that your gums are receding to avoid causing more damage.

We hope this article has helped you create a plan of action if you think that your gums are receding. Remember to reach out to the periodontist in Fairfield County, CT if you are looking for expert advice on the best way to handle the situation. Don’t wait too late, as gum recession can become a lot worse over time.

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