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Why Laser Dentistry is Great for Cavities

laser dentistry in Stamford, CT

Receiving news that you have a cavity is never fun. You start to think about the drills, the shots, and the swollen face that accompany a cavity-related procedure. The good news is that thanks to technological advances, dentists no longer have to use a drill to fix cavities. Laser dentistry can help to repair the damage without drills and invasive procedures. If you or your children need to get a cavity fixed in a pain-free and safe procedure, look no further than laser dentistry in Stamford, CT. Keep reading on to learn about how laser dentistry works and why it’s so great for treating cavities.

Laser dentistry involves using highly concentrated beams of light to allow a filling to be placed in the spot of the cavity. It is a dental procedure that is extremely precise and effective. Thanks to the precision that laser dentistry offers, dentists don’t have to remove as much of the healthy tooth compared to drilling when treating cavities. Often times, dentists will use a water-based laser system to reduce the amount of pain patients experience during the procedure by keeping the tooth fully hydrated while the cavity is taken care of.

The idea of using light, air, and water to treat a cavity is a lot more appealing than using drills and needles to fix things. Laser dentistry in Stamford, CT, is safe for both children and adults, which is great news if you have a lot of trouble trying to get your kids to go to the dentist for a procedure. Another great thing about laser dentistry is that it can be used to treat other dental health issues like swollen gums from braces or gum recession. If you are experiencing gum recession in Fairfield County, CT, reach out to Periodontics & Implant Dentistry Center, LLC.

Keep in mind that laser dentistry has a few limitations too. For example, you can’t use laser dentistry on teeth with fillings that are already in place. Cavities in spots that are more difficult to reach can also be an issue for laser dentistry treatment. However, laser dentistry in Stamford, CT, is a fantastic option for people who want to avoid the drilling and invasive procedures that typically accompany fixing a cavity. If you want to fix your cavities in the safest and most precise way, you should definitely look into laser dentistry!

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